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300x signature assignment

All of the content in this signature assignment addresses one instructional need: helping informal educators who are new to the Next Generation Science Standards to be effective instructors who support classroom-based NGSS work.

By starting with the digital document, moving on to the videos, and finishing with the interactive module, these learning tools offer a progressively more complex look at the NGSS, creating scaffolding that lets learners start with the basics and then build up to demonstrating their competence through both formative and summative assessments. This series of learning experiences could be delivered entirely remotely, before educators even arrive at their new job, or it could be delivered in a blended setting, with guided discussion and peer-to-peer interactions interspersed between the digital content.

The two OERs provide a deeper look at the intricacy and dynamism of the standards, along with examples of how NGSS is applied in classroom settings. These two resources would be a valuable addition to a more experienced informal educator's learning process, to help them better support classroom learning through informal education program delivery.

Digital Document: Introduction to NGSS

Original Digital Videos: Introduction to NGSS and Navigating the NGSS Website

Interactive Module: Next Generation Science Standards for Informal Educators

Enhanced Digital Images: Out to Learn logo and NGSS triangle

Open Educational Resources: EQuIP rubric and Understanding Language article

Assessment Checklists for OERs:

EQuIP rubric

Understanding Language article

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