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digital images

The first digital image is one that I edited for use in Out to Learn's logo.


A Google search for "acorn" with additional parameters of "black and white" and "available for any use, including commercial" yielded this image, from

out to learn logo (1).png

I cropped, rotated, resized, and recolored acorn "A", then added text to create this logo:

The second digital image is one I created from scratch for use in my infographic about the Next Generation Science Standards. Using Microsoft Publisher, I created the basic shape and positioned the text, and I used the eyedropper selection tool to match the three colors from the NGSS logo. 

To create the three-dimensional effect on the triangle, I saved the image and then opened it in Paint to make use of the fill tool, which doesn't exist in Publisher. 

ngss triangle.png
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