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Tara began training in English and Western seat in the 1990s, and in vaulting in 2003. Her experience includes playing as a reserve on the Stanford University women's polo team; serving as a trail guide; and schooling horses for use in English seat lessons and on trails.

Tara also has extensive teaching and herd management experience. For seven years, she oversaw all aspects of a 12-horse summer camp equestrian program, including maintaining Massachusetts riding instructor licensure;  training and supervising program staff; selecting, assessing, and schooling lesson horses; overseeing feed and supplement schedules; attending to veterinary first aid needs; and developing and delivering English seat lessons for novice and intermediate riders age 7-17. During her undergraduate years, she led trail rides for tourists of all ages in the high Sierra, she served as an assistant vaulting coach in a summer camp setting, she co-managed Stanford University's string of 15-20 polo ponies, and she taught English and polo seat lessons for adult novice riders.

In her riding lessons, Tara encourages her students to focus on breath, alignment, and close attention to the horse-rider relationship.

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