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curriculum & program design

Education program design for informal, classroom, and online settings

- Creation of new programs and curriculum

- Assessment and adjustment of existing programs and curriculum

- Alignment with NGSS and/or state frameworks for grades K-12

- Youth and adult learners

Camp programs

- Alignment with American Camp Association accreditation standards

- Day & residential programs

- Ages 3-18

selected program development work


Southern Oregon Fire Ecology Education: working with a team to adapt a comprehensive K-12 curriculum focused on fire ecology to reflect regional ecology and history; leading the effort to digitize select lessons for distance learning contexts

Burgess Outdoor Education: adjusted old curriculum and created new classes to better support state education frameworks; 1.5- to 3-hour-long classes included Animal Adaptations, Pond Study, Sustainable Farming, Forest Ecology, Watersheds, and Low Ropes/Teambuilding; guided visioning for logistical and thematic changes to the 20-year-old program

Minecraft Education Edition: Kids and Bees: supported Bee Girl in developing eleven NGSS-aligned lesson plans to complement a new Minecraft world that invites students to explore bees' fascinating lives in the hive and beyond

The CONNECT Course: served as a content and copy editor for the print component of a 9-week course designed to strengthen work relationships by recognizing, exploring, and empowering "followership" skills as a crucial complement to "leadership" skills

Waypoint High School Science: collaborated with a public high school for students with severe social, emotional, and/or behavioral disorders to create and deliver four year-long science courses that integrated classroom and outdoor experiences; pass rate among program participants for standardized biology testing increased from 40% to 90%

Holly Hill Farm: assessed site layout, infrastructure, staffing resources, current programs, and existing audience to guide program development to better meet local schools' needs

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